LTMA Forklift Loader

LTMA Forklift Loader

LTMA quarry machine 32 ton large forklift loader for sale The specifications of LTMA 32T large forklift loader:

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Stone block handler  (CAT980 wheel loader, CAT988 wheel loader, WA480 wheel loader)

The specifications of LTMA 32 Ton large forklift loader:


Operating weight  34,000kg
Engine model WD10G270E201
Rated engine power 199kw
Rated rotate speed2200r/nin
Max.torque 1100N.m
Max.dumping height 3100mm           
Rated load 32tons @3100mm height,
NO.of shifts Forward 4 For Reverse 2
Driving speed 
ForwardⅢ 0-24km/h
Forward IV0-41km/h
Grade ability ≥25°
Turning angle 35°±1°
Overall length 10100mm
Overall width 3220mm
Overall height 3730mm
Wheel base 4300mm
Track base 3197mm
dimension of fork 1500×200×120
Torque converter Model: YJ375X3 ratio:3.166
Cycling time 16s
Tire type29.5-25

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