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How do you know about 6 ton wheel loader?
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Installation and commissioning

The structure of the main body and tail of the wheel loader is mainly composed of the head drive department, bridge groove, connection groove, adjustment slot, skylight slot, discharge opening skylight slot, convex slot, chain stopper and other parts.

(1)The installation reproduced machine, the first to assure the accuracy of the tail is installed, then on the tail chain scraper chain, scraper chain from top and bottom of the medium plate around the tail sprocket, disappeared from machine tail frame fixed chain wear out.

(2)When installing the conveying tank, attention should be paid to connect the long bottom chain section by section to cut the scraper chain out from under the middle plate. in order to ensure the normal operation of production, each conveyor should be connected with a specific device.after the installation of the conveying tank, it is necessary to lay the crusher and to cut the chain of scraper out from the lower part of the crusher.

(3)After the installation of the main parts of the transfer machine is completed, the slanting bridge groove, convex groove and hinge groove shall be installed in sections by sections. then install the belt conveyor to move itself.

At the end of the machine, put the head drive part, cross the scraper chain, connect with the bridge section and tighten the connection. The hinged seat of the tail of the self-moving machine must be connected with the rear slot of the drive part first.

(4)After the installation of the conveyor is completed, a comprehensive inspection shall be made on the installation condition to confirm whether the lubricating parts are lubricated as required, the middle trough and the transit trough and the machine.

Whether the connection between plates in the head frame is smooth, whether all bolts are tightened as required, whether the installation direction of scraper chain is correct, and whether the electrical control line is correct.in addition, winter installation should also adopt anti-freezing measures.


Function of a wheel loader  

In the mechanized production of coal mine, the transfer machine, as an intermediate transfer transmission equipment, plays an important role in the following three aspects:

(1)To control the direction of coal mine transportation. the arrangement of the transfer machine is vertical to the working face, allowing the coal to flow out in the direction of the groove.

(2)Make the unloading point of coal more suitable for production, and realize the reasonable connection with the tail of the chute conveyor.

(3)The supporting car lifts the loader up to form a steel bridge. In the process of production, the working plane pushes forward and the loader moves forward with it.

To shorten the length of belt conveyor effectively, so as to improve the production efficiency and create greater economic benefits.


Method of used wheel loaders

With the advance of coal mining working face, the bridge transfer machine should also move forward.the transfer machine moves by:

(1)Use small winch to pull and move;

(2)Pull the horizontal jack with the end head bracket of the working face;

(3)Use the displacement jack configured by the loader itself.


Attention of wheel loader at work

(1)Safety in operation plays an important role in coal mine production. During the operation of the reprinter, employees are not allowed to pass through the prescribed construction channels. It is strictly prohibited to cross over the reloader during the operation of the reloader, and it should be far away from the tail end and the unloading end of the reloader, and it is forbidden to rely on the supporting structure of the reloader.

(2)When the reprinter fails in the course of operation, it shall turn off the operating power in time, and repair the equipment after the reloader stops operation to prevent safety accidents.

(3)It is forbidden to start the transfer machine when there is no load to reduce machine wear.if there is no special case, the reprinter cannot be reversed. At the same time, in the transfer machine easy to wear parts to carry on oil lubrication.

(4)When the head guard falls, the machine cannot be started. When the machine breaks down and needs to be disassembled for repair, it should be carried out by professionals. In addition, when using chain fastener, the mechanical part and electrical part of the conveyor should be coordinated.

wheel loader

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