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How to know the wheel excavator?
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Wheel excavator is a kind of earth-moving machine driven by wheels, which uses a shovel to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface and load them into a transport vehicle or unload them into a pile yard.commonly used with small and medium - sized engineering construction.

Introduction to the excavator machine

Wheel excavator is a kind of earth - digging machine with tires as walking parts.wheel excavation is fast, does not damage the road surface, can turn the field at a long distance and can quickly replace a variety of operating equipment.the maximum walking speed of wheel excavation in foreign countries is mostly 25 ~ 40km/h, and that of domestic ones is mostly 20 ~ 35km/h.although the efficiency of wheel excavation is not the same as that of grade shoe excavation, compared with the expensive transfer fee of shoe excavation, wheel excavation is more economic advantage when frequently rotating the field.it is because of its characteristic of maneuverability, flexibility and high efficiency that wheel excavation has been widely used in material excavation and removal of municipal maintenance engineering, highway traffic construction and quick repair.


Working principle of used wheel excavator

Hydraulic tyre excavator, powered by a diesel engine or motor two main hydraulic pump, produce high pressure oil to the multi-way valve, the pilot control valve control by multi-way valve to the hydraulic actuators (hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor, etc.), drive the corresponding institutions.in general, two or more compound actions and the combined flow of moving arms and bucket rods are often required in the working process of working devices to make full use of engine power and shorten the operating cycle.walking wheel excavator generally adopts hydraulic mechanical transmission, the high pressure oil from the center of rotors to walking hydraulic motor direct drive gearbox, then through the shaft, drive axle drive vehicles to walk.wheel excavation walking speed is generally divided into high and low gear, low gear for the working speed, high gear for the road speed.


Overall structure of wheel excavator

The main structure of hydraulic wheel excavator consists of working device, cab, rotary mechanism, power device, transmission control mechanism, chassis and auxiliary equipment.among them, the cab, the power device, the auxiliary equipment are all installed on the platform which can be fully rotary, which is known as the upper turntable.the tire chassis consists of a frame, a support, a transmission, a hydraulic motor, a front and rear axle, a tire, etc., assembled with a rotary body.the working device consists of a moving arm, a bucket pole, a bucket and a connecting rod.shovel bucket according to its working mode of shovel, back shovel, pull shovel, grab shovel and other child forms.the moving arm mainly consists of a gooseneck integral bending type and a hydraulic action multi-body moving arm.the form of multi-section arm of backhoe bucket has been widely used in similar products abroad.

Wheel excavator

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