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How to use skid steer loader?
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Skid steer loader is also called slide loader, multi-function engineering vehicle, multi-function engineering machine.it is a kind of wheel type special chassis equipment which can realize vehicle steering by using the difference of the speed of two wheels.it is mainly used for narrow working area, uneven ground and frequent changing of working content.

Applicable to the construction of infrastructure, industrial application, port loading and unloading, and downtown streets, houses, barns, barns, airport runway, etc., at the same time can also be used as a large engineering construction machinery ancillary equipment.there are two kinds of walking ways of slide loader: Wheel type and caterpillar type.

Introduce of skid steer equipment

The skid steer loader is also called the skid steer loader and skid loader.is a kind of using on both sides of the wheel linear velocity difference and realization of vehicle steering wheel special chassis equipment, uses the wheel travel mechanism, all-wheel drive, slip, can be on the job site random rapid replacement or articulated a variety of work device, so as to adapt to different work environment and job content.sliding steering wheel loader power generally is 20 ~ 50 kw, host 2000 ~ 4000 kg weight, the speed is 10 ~ 15 km per hour, or so is mainly used in the operation space is narrow, uneven ground, job content change frequent occasions.


Used skid loaders

The biggest characteristic of slippage loader is that the whole machine is small in shape and can realize in-situ steering.it can replace or hook up all kinds of working devices at random and quickly.its use mainly has the following aspects.

1. Due to its minimum turn radius is less than half of articulated loader with grade, especially suitable for such as urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshop, warehouse, dock, the ship deck cabin even in narrow space.

Because short wheelbase, the slide loader work is particularly nimble, in the narrow space and within the narrow space, sliding device not only can provide the original loading operation, through attachment to realize multiple types of engineering work at the same time, the greatest degree of increase the speed of construction at the same time, and benefit from the comprehensive design, own a lighting lighting system can provide comprehensive project scope.

The cab of the sliding equipment is in the center of the equipment, which ensures stability while fully ensuring the safety of the operator.

2. Adopt full wheel drive without inter-wheel differential, which is conducive to the operation on the uneven ground.

Diesel engine turbine and high performance of full-size tires, exceed short wheelbase design, make the cross-country ability of slip is stronger than the other similar equipment, flexible to use in the operation of the bucket at the same time, makes the guarantee through capacity at the same time, with small scale transport support.

The variable speed system can meet the requirement of high bearing capacity and provide the power output of high torque while ensuring the power.

3. Different working devices can be replaced or hooked up in a short time at the operation site, generally within a few minutes.in this way, shoveling, stacking, lifting, digging, drilling, crushing, grasping, pushing and scraping can be respectively carried out, such as loosening soil, trenching, road cleaning and road surface compaction.

High-performance engines can provide comprehensive power support, including all kinds of engineering components in the cases of power output interface, while ensuring efficiency, ensure the diversification of equipment use, reducing investors' rate of idle equipment, and can greatly improve the working efficiency.

Accessories as an important implement tools is an important support, realize the scene multi-function in ensuring that the content of the related operations of accurate, at the same time also need relevant site condition and the determination of job content, in order to ensure the accuracy of the related accessories used.

4. Used for logistics support, site cleaning and project closing of large engineering machinery.

In the process of ground cleaning, ground cleaning accessories are required for slippage. Such accessories can clean up the remaining debris left by ground construction at a high speed. At the same time, dust can be cleaned quickly through rapidly rotating brush hair.

The modification is not only applicable to engineering machinery, but also to small and special environment such as cabin.

5. It can be used as a mobile pump station, providing power source for hydraulic tools such as hand-held hydraulic picks.

The multi-function sliding equipment can provide hydraulic interface of various types and flow rates to ensure the availability while ensuring the diversity.

In construction engineering, the diversity of operating power system, using just a single slip itself engine design oil-saving effect is crucial to the environment, and to ensure that the fuel at the same time, ensure the efficiency of construction engineering, also is a top priority.

6. Road protection can be directly used to clear the snow job and clean job, with clear snow and deicing accessaries, sliding device can quickly clean up large areas of snow and ice, at the same time benefit with the device itself of mobility, ensure the relevant equipment of a wide range of work effectively.

Skid steer loader