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LTMA Forkift Question1:Study on the importance of fork lift before stone mining
- Apr 20, 2018 -

LTMA Forkift Question1:Study on the importance of fork lift before stone mining

After nearly 10 years, we have received many bosses complaining, "why can't we talk to you before? We made a mistake, causing breakage everywhere, tires are easily broken, and the whole machine is very dangerous. " There are many examples of the accident!

[reasons] these owners, the earliest when buying forks, because they did not eat this loss, do not know how dangerous to buy a fork in the machine, thought not, basically holding an indifferent attitude, at the appointment of the "designated" by the outsiders. The product characteristics are not seriously grasps, and simply "quote the standard tonnage of equipment", resulting in the illusion of "too expensive". Or greedy for small and cheap, in order to arrears and so on the small interests of the eyes, results, resulting in the later mine on the so-called fork equipment is always broken, the serious is that the fork loader, the pilot, waste, together out of control, all fell into the gully!

[countermeasures] before the mining is not exploited, it should take an hour to understand the technical features and functions of the fork loader. Then, the tonnage of the fork loading machine should be determined according to the weight of the waste material, and the concept of cost performance is set up.

First determine the weight of the waste material to be cut in the future mine as the basis to determine the tonnage of the fork lift. For example, the method of string cutting is used to cut out about 9 cubic meters of waste material. The density of the waste material is 2.7 tons /m, and the weight of the waste material is about 25 tons. At this time, the choice of 27 tons of fork loading machine (XJ968-27E) is more suitable. In this way, there are granite, marble, jade, Xuan Wuyan, sandstone and so on. The cutting method and environment are different, and the fork lift machines needed are quite different.

When the tonnage is determined, it is necessary to determine whether the selected fork loader needs to configure the wet wet drive bridge of the "Xijin soma" depending on whether the mine needs a fork loading machine to carry the downhill and the upper and lower slopes about a few degrees. When the slope of the carrying waste is more than 12 degrees (or 25%), the brake bridge of the fork mounted machine must be equipped with "Xijin soma" hydraulic wet drive bridge to ensure the safety brake whenever and wherever the fork is on the downhill. One of the characteristics of the fork loader is that one of the features of the loader is that the load capacity, safety and reliability of the fork loader are particularly high, and the weight of the car body is nearly twice as heavy as the loader, plus the weight of the waste material in the operation, which is more than three times larger than the weight of the loader. This time, with the tradition The Chinese characteristics of the clamp type brake clamp (also called dry brake), is not equipped with safety braking ability, once the brake failure, the whole machine quickly uncontrollable, brewing disaster!

The world's first-class brake systems for construction machinery and mining machinery are all hydraulic wet driving bridges. They do not have a brake type brake bridge. Only the brake system with hydraulic wet drive axle has braking torque more than twice that of the brake bridge. Here we should also pay attention: hydraulic wet driving axle is not "hydraulic braking", and must not be fooled! The hydraulic and wet drive bridge is in the outside of the drive bridge. It can not see the brake disc intuitively, but is a completely closed brake system. The braking force of the brake system is produced by the hydraulic oil and friction plate in the inside of the brake system. We need both "hydraulic" and "wet" to form an integrated system.

[significance] for a stone mine, the investment from 300 thousand to 2 million is not a large investment, of course, if a single sale contract is concerned, a fork loading machine is also a big bid. However, when the importance of the fork loading machine is seriously studied in the mining of stone mines, this input should not only be highly valued, but also the decision that should be invested.

The role of fork loader in the production of waste materials depends on prying, handling, stacking, loading and unloading. These four basic functions. To protect the waste materials from being damaged, improve the productivity and safety of work, and realize the historic transformation of the operation equipment. Is in line with national security and green mine construction technology guarantee. But if the fork installed machine does not guarantee the quality and function according to the national standard (the stage of the trial will be announced), this small investment will drag the back of the mine production, even directly affect the fate of the success of the mine investment.