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LTMA Forkift Question2:Summer maintenance of stone forking machine
- Apr 20, 2018 -

LTMA Forkift Question2:Summer maintenance of stone forking machine

In the hot summer, the soaring temperature brings great challenges to drivers and stone fork loaders. Drivers should not only prepare warm boiled water and essential oils, but also prepare sunstroke medicines so that they can finish their daily work more efficiently. Similarly, in the face of high temperature working environment, regular maintenance and maintenance can help them to better cope with the high temperature challenge, to ensure the mechanical performance and construction efficiency of the fork loading!

During the summer maintenance, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Add and replace antifreeze in time

Antifreeze is not just used in winter! The characteristics of high boiling point can make it effectively prevent boiling of cooling water in hot summer, which is very important for daily use. Therefore, if you do not want to make your fork machine "high fever, high temperature", we should check in time whether the antifreeze fluid needs to be replaced or added. We must change the designated professional antifreeze, and do not mix different brands of antifreeze, otherwise it will corrode or block the whole engine cooling system.

Two. Check the brake and prevent tire blowout

For the tyre type fork lift machine, during the continuous operation in summer, high temperature will cause tire pressure to rise and cause tire burst. Therefore, it is necessary to check the braking efficiency of the whole machine regularly, so as to reduce accidents. In the process of inspection and maintenance, we must not use cold water to pour the tyres and brakes to force the cooling down, which will cause serious damage to the equipment.

Three. Use the original quality of fuel and oil

Try to buy all kinds of oil such as fuel, oil, transmission oil, butter and so on in regular channels to ensure the quality. At the same time, when adding fuel and oil, it should not be excessive, because too much, in addition to increasing fuel consumption, excessive oil will also make the engine heat. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fuel for transporting tankers, which should be kept for more than 2 hours, and then be added after the impurities are precipitated.

Four. Use good quality butter

Good butter has a very important influence on the performance of the working device of the fork lift. As the temperature rises in the summer, the adhesion performance will decrease after the softening of the butter, then the lubrication performance of various working devices decreases, which leads to various mechanical failures, and the good heat-resistant butter can maintain its adhesion at a higher temperature, and its metamorphic failure pass is slow.

Five, keep clean and comfortable operating environment

In a hot summer mine, a clean and comfortable operating environment is very important for the driver's health and efficiency. When using air conditioning in summer, we should remember to check the air conditioning system of the cab in an all-round way, including whether there are foreign objects in the radiator and so on. It should be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure the cooling effect of the air conditioning.

Six. Check electrical circuit to prevent oil pipe burst

In summer, all kinds of circuits in the whole machine are more easily heated. Every day before operation, we should check whether the line is broken or not, and avoid the occurrence of short-circuit spontaneous combustion. At the same time, check whether the oil pipe in the whole machine is cracked or hardened, so as to prevent the burst of the tubing.