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LTMA Forkift Question3:The harm of the secondhand fork loader
- Apr 20, 2018 -

LTMA Forkift Question3:The harm of the secondhand fork loader

What is the old fork installed? As the name suggests, the old fork lift machine is also called second-hand fork lift machine.

Why do you have a secondhand fork loading machine? There are about two sources: one, the mine closures, this is the main source of the secondhand fork loading machine; two, the mine is well operated, the worn fork loader is regarded as the scrap price to the supplier, and then, through refurbishment, flow to the market. These second old fork loader are not very harmful, but they are not recommended to buy.

Why does the mine go bankrupt? There are more than three problems: first, marketing is out of business; two, there are problems in mine safety production; three, there is a rat behavior in shareholders, resulting in division. Therefore, in the process of cleaning up property, as an important equipment for exploitation, it is appraised and sold to the market. Pay special attention to the "important equipment" four words! The two equipment that leads to abnormal mining is cutting equipment (rope saw, mine cut) and handling equipment (fork loader and excavator).

After the bottom of the question, the answer came to the surface: when a buyer of equipment, or overly capricious, or greedy for private interest, he (she) ignored the safe production of the mine, forgot what technology and quality, and forgot what was safe. After a confused purchase of unused or unsafe handling equipment to the mine, safety problems frequently, naturally lead to the mine can not be well exploited, such a mine, can you open it well?

Well, bad purchasing behavior, natural procurement of quality and reliability of the fork loading machine, such a second-hand fork loading machine after the refurbishment, to the market, is not to continue to harm the next boss? In particular, the so-called "fork" loaders, which had not been standardized in the early days, were not even able to reach the basic standard of the fork loading machine, such as the tonnage, the frame, the tires, and even the whole machine, which seriously led to the failure of the mining. Such a second-hand machine, after cleaning and painting, was sold to it. The mine owner, of course, is very dangerous!

To invest in mines is to be treated rationally! Without funds, there is no strength to invest in mines, without capital strength, it is difficult to use rational mentality to plan and control mining factors. There is no way to calmly control the three major factors (safe mining, efficient production and effective marketing) for successful mining, and it is difficult to seriously locate the quality of the equipment. Quantity and safety!