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The scope of application of wheel loader
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Many years of production practice at home and abroad has proved that wheeled loaders are suitable for the following aspects.

1, it is used for loading, pushing up and discharging soil, lifting and pulling operations in open pit mining and stripping, railway building foundation and road repair.

2. The medium and small open pit mines are used to replace the excavators and cars as the main mining, loading and transportation equipment of the mine; it can also work together with the car and can also ship the ore rock to the crushing station.

3. In some large open-pit mines, with the excavator in complex conditions (such as separation mining, end of the working face, dispersing of heap, digging trench, etc.), the mining and other auxiliary operations are carried out.

4, it can be used for mining, loading and transportation combined operation to achieve difficult ore production.

The common tire type and crawler type two front loader have their own characteristics. Although the tractive force and shovel force of the crawler front loader are large, the performance of cross-country and climbing is better, but it is low speed and inflexible, the transfer site sometimes needs trailer, and the cost of construction is high. Therefore, the crawler front loading machine is rarely used in open pit mines. The most common use of the tire loaders in all countries in the world is the tire type loader. So the production number is more, the production technology is developing quickly, and the largest type of bucket has reached 40m3.