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What are LTMA logging bulldozer?
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Bulldozer logging is a kind of earthwork machinery which can excavate, transport and dispose rock and soil.for example, it is used to build a dirt dump, level off a car dirt dump, collect scattered mineral rocks, level off a working platform and a building site, etc.it is not only used for auxiliary work, but also for major mining work.for example, the stripping and mining of sand and ore deposits, the pulling and boosting of the scraper and rock plough, and the lowering of the height of the stripping step with other earth-moving machinery when there is no transportation mining method.


Classification of logging equipment

Bulldozers can be divided into caterpillar type and tire type.crawler bulldozer has high adhesion traction, low ground pressure (0.04 -- 0.13mpa), strong climbing ability, but low speed.wheel bulldozer with high speed, flexibility, short operation cycle time, convenient transportation and transfer, but small traction, suitable for frequently changing the site and field work.


Purpose of used logging equipment skidders

It can be divided into two types: General type and special type.the universal type is the type produced according to the standard and is widely used in earthwork engineering.special used for specific conditions, has a wide using triangle segments in order to reduce earth pressure and marsh wetland bulldozer bulldozers, amphibious bulldozer, bulldozer, bulldozer, cabin underwater unmanned bulldozers, plateau type and operation of a bulldozer under high moisture conditions, etc.


Structure and work

Bulldozer is a main kind of earthwork machinery, which can be divided into caterpillar type and tire type according to the way of walking.this paper mainly describes the structure and working principle of caterpillar bulldozer.the basic operation of bulldozer excavation is: A.

Most of caterpillar bulldozers with power over 120kw adopt hydraulic - mechanical drive.this kind of bulldozer comes from the introduction of japanese komatsu production d155, d85, d65 three basic types of bulldozer manufacturing technology.after localization, the type of ty320, ty220 and ty160 basic type bulldozer is finalized.in order to meet user's demand to all kinds of using work conditions, the bulldozers manufacturer in china, on the basis of the above three basic bulldozers, expand the varieties of products, has formed three series of bulldozer.type ty220 bulldozer series products, including tsy220 wetland type bulldozer bulldozers, tmy220 bulldozers, tyg220 desert plateau, ty220f forest logging bulldozers, tsy220h sanitation bulldozers and dg45 sideboom, etc.the ty320 and ty160 bulldozers are expanding similar lines.the ty160 series also includes tsy160l super - wetland bulldozer and tby160 pushing and scraping machine.

Bulldozers, develop the new product a, should not only meet the work adaptability of different working condition, and must maintain maximum parts commonality with the basic (or replacement), it is to use maintenance bring great convenience for the masses of users.in order to facilitate users to buy parts, the manufacturers have retained the part number of komatsu company in japan. Only the self-designed parts in the model modification can be labeled with the serial number of their own manufacturers.

Caterpillar bulldozer mainly consists of engine, transmission system, working device, electric part, cab and hood.among them, the mechanical and hydraulic transmission system, including hydraulic torque converter, coupling assembly, planetary gear type power shift transmission, the transmission, steering clutches and steering brakes, final drive and walking system, etc.

The power output mechanism drives the working pump in the hydraulic system of the working device, the variable speed torque hydraulic system variable speed pump, the steering brake hydraulic system steering pump by means of gear transmission and spline connection.sprocket represents the final drive mechanism (including the left and right final drive assembly) of the secondary spur gear drive;the crawler board comprises a walking system including a crawler assembly, a platform frame and a suspension assembly.

LTMA logging bulldozer