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China INDUSTRIAL 4.0 Plan 2025
- Mar 31, 2018 -

With "wisdom and innovation of enterprises under the new normal" as the theme of the fourth financial Summit was held in Guanghua road, Beijing Exhibition Centre, 5th. Executive Dean of the Research Institute of Renmin University of China et in 2015 compared to Wang Wen in a speech "Wanli 15 years", he said, the Chinese manufacture 2025 and "along the way" French implementation, will lead China into a new era.

2015, promulgated by the made in China, the Chinese version of the "industrial 4.0" plan proposed the Chinese manufactured powerhouse three decades of "three-step" strategy is the first programme of action of the Decade.

"By 2025, made in China, China announced to the world, China should become a manufacturing powerhouse and power means China will use 100 years from mechanization to automation and information, and ultimately to the intelligence cross. "Wang said.

Wang believes that this laid the domestic environment, China entered the era of great financial and "along the way" French implementation means that China is full of embracing global, lays a great international environment in the financial times.

"In 2015 are ' along the way ' implementation period ' along the way ' higher specifications of the establishment of the leading group, vision and action ' publication means the national strategy will lead China toward a new future." Wang said.

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