6 Ton Wheel Loader

6 Ton Wheel Loader

LT968 LTMA 6 ton LT968 wheel loader features with KOMATSU style chassis 19,700 kgs operating weight Cummins 260HP engine 3350mm wheel base 3300mm dumping height Bucket capacity 3.5cbm Cutomized design (longer arm, bigger bucket) available

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6 Ton LTMA LT968 Wheel Loader


LTMA 6 ton LT968 wheel loader features with 

KOMATSU style chassis 

19,700 kgs operating weight  

Cummins 260HP engine 

3350mm wheel base 

3300mm dumping height 

Bucket capacity 3.5cbm 

Cutomized design (longer arm, bigger bucket) available  

Operating  weight  19.7 T
Rated load   6,000 kg
Bucket capacity    3.5 m³
Engine model   Cummins 6CTA8.3-C260
Rated engine power  194kw
Rated rotate speed  2200 r/min
Max.torque    920N.m
Max. traction force  ≥185KN
Breakout force   ≥200KN
Forward Ⅰ 0-7.2km/h
Forward Ⅱ  0-14km/h
Forward Ⅲ 0-27km/h
Forward IV  0-41km/h
Reverse Ⅰ  0-7.2km/h
Reverse Ⅱ 0-14km/h
Reverse Ⅲ 0-27km/h
Grade ability  28°
Overall length 8490mm
Overall width  3100mm
Overall height  3560mm
Bucket width  3200mm
Wheel base  3350mm
Track base  2360mm
Min.ground clearance  470mm
Max.dumping height   3300mm
Max.dumping reach   1290mm
Transmission  hangchi
Fuel tank 230L
Hydraulic tank  270L
Raise time  ≤6.8s
Total  ≤12.5s
Tyre type  26.5R25

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